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The Acevedo family had searched for a perfect solution for their project around many different online marketplaces, but couldn’t find everything they needed from one source. They had noticed that majority of those marketplaces lacked transparency and rationale when it came to quality and pricing of the services to be delivered. Naturally, we felt very proud when the Acevedos trusted us with their complex project.

Online marketplace
The primary task was to develop a fully functional website within a very short timeframe, since a lot of advertising had been already booked. We kicked off this project by tailoring a fresh new design and finalized it with a customized portal. We kept adding functionality along the way to ensure the best possible user experience. At the moment we are planning on taking the project to next level by introducing Android and iOS apps.

Marketing-wise, we attracted new customers to the site, we successfully used effective tools of online marketing such as Search Engine Optimization, Google AdWords and Facebook campaigns. The results have been far more effective than those from any previous offline advertising. Moreover, we are also maintaining all of Babacos’s social media channels.

  • Customized CMS
  • Search Engine Optimization
Alexandra Acevedo www.babacos.ch

"Top quality service and always there to help”

"From the beginning we felt a strong sympathy towards Mr. Hürlimann and his team. Over a very short period of time, they managed to design and program a professional homepage that we are very pleased with. Swiss Magic team delivered top quality service and was always there to help whenever we needed anything. We are very happy to have worked with Swiss Magic and definitely recommend them to everyone."

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